Our Mission

At Dicons Engineering lift consultancy services our main mission is to protect Investor’s interests and his investment during the entire investment process- from the very first design stage until the hand-over after the installation of the facilities, using our entire potential and know-how, our knowledge and resources in the fields of design, analysis and research of elevators, escalators and moving walks. We are convinced that this is the one and only true way, which the Investor can pass through in order to receive the expected goods and services in the expected highest quality. Through our activities we are making possible for our customers to make their informed choice when buying this kind of facilities in the way they are satisfied as well as their customers- tenants, users and buyers of their buildings and facilities for many years.

These goals here at Dicons Enginnering are achieved by our scope of works- performing of independent consultancy services in the field of vertical transportation of passengers- elevators, escalators and moving walks. Our activities are at each and every stage from the realization of the project- from the very first stages of the design passing through the stages of proposals and signing the contracts until the final tests and putting into operation of the facilities:

-Dicons Engineering consults and suppors the investor during the entire investment process;

-Dicons Engineering consults and suppors the contractors when they performing their parts of the project;

-Dicons Engineering provide control of performance of the processes and conformity with the project requirements;

-We, Dicons Engineering, enforcing and developing new criteria for professionalism in the field of the vertical transportation of passengers and goods;

-We, Dicons Engineering, enforcing a new model of honourable business relationships when we performing our activities in the field of the vertical transportation of passengers and goods through process management on the qualitatively new level.

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